About us

Oulu International Women’s Club, est. 2000, is a club for the international women living in the Oulu area.
It’s a great club to be a member of.

We usually meet once or twice a month, to hang-out, swap gossip, see things and network.
Activities range from hiking (in summer and winter), sipping coffee, going to the local pub to listen to music and drink Finnish beer (yuck), make-up and hair evenings, summer picnics, winter skiing trips, nights at the movies, lunchtime dates, massages, saunas, swimming, running, trips to Sweden, the list is endless!

And we have the absolute best mothers and toddlers group in the whole of Northern Finland.

We have members from several countries, and we define the ‘international’ part to be as much about outlook as nationality, i.e. members from Finland are allowed. Of course you do have to be a woman and it helps if you live reasonably close to the city of Oulu.

xmas party

And that’s all of us at one of our infamous Christmas Parties.

Contact us with our contact form:

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